Larry Painter
Unusual Art Crafts

Larry Painter is a lifelong artist and craftsman of mixed media
and graduate of The Museum Art School in Portland, Oregon.
He currently resides in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

For information about purchasing the items shown, contact Larry Painter:, or or call (605) 342-3758,
or write 22652 Norris Peak Road, Rapid City, SD 57702-6156.

Spider Cookie Jar
Fired Stoneware Clay (16" x 12" x 6.5") on 2" Wooden Base

A companion, watchdog and storage box.
Dogbox and finger made of mixed media:
paper mache, autobody putty, hinges, clasps and paint. 13 " high.
Diamond Willow Canes
"Each is a work of art."

Diamond Willow is a small tree or shrub growing along northern mountain creeks and wet areas. The unique diamond shapes are caused by a beetle first eating into the stem, then a fungus growing in the beetle's hole and expanding as the plant grows.
There is a long tradition of making canes and furniture from the carved wood.

Though the diamond willow is fairly common in mountainous regions, it takes hiking hundreds of miles along wilderness streams to find exceptional pieces. When a choice limb is selected, it is cut green to achieve the best color and maximum strength, then slowly dried.

Countless hours go into carving each cane. First the bark is carefully removed exposing the irregular diamond shapes. At about 1/4 inch out from the diamonds the outer white sapwood is carved away, down into the darker core wood leaving the lighter wood to outline the dark, reddish brown and gray diamond shapes. Sometimes there is little or no sapwood.

No two pieces are alike. There may be no distinct diamonds, but still a wandering and beautiful adornment of shapes. Design and inventiveness play a part, but always in following the natural harmony of the wood. Handles are doweled and jointed on in different ways, using a variety of woods and materials, considering design, function, and integrity to the material.