Ahaha Public Collection
Ahaha Onadime Club Music Vizuals for Mac.

To download free, simply click on the item you wish to download and your browser will download it to the location specified in your browser's "Download Preferences". It will be a .sit file which will either be automatically unstuffed or which you may double click to unstuff it manually into a .osa file. Place the .osa file in the Compositions folder of your Onadime Player. Enjoy the show.

"Ahaha Ohoho" (248k) Enjoy it even if you prefer not to enter the contest.

"Switch Lesson" (27k) A Composer Lesson for using keyboard commands to give the user more options.

For Everyone:

"Onadime Gallery" (344k)

"Mt. Rushmore In Concert" (123k)

"Ahaha Banneraha" (119K)

"Ahaha Mirraha" (115k)

"Ahaha Spinneroni" (85K)

"Ahaha Twirlies" (81K)