The Ahaha Award
for excellence contributing to the enjoyable awareness (aha'ha) of humanity's higher ideals and values.
ONADIME - the live digital medium
for fun, learning and creativity!
Really, Truly, SEE THE MUSIC, ON A DIME!
by Costas Hercules, M.D., "Doc of Ahaha"

Imagine your favorite music generating and animating the graphics below in real time! Where? On your (or your friend's or school's, with permission) Mac/ iMac Computer. Onadime, a pioneering software company, now makes it possible.

"Apple's iTunes Visual Effects, which I used to like, now seem boring". - Herk the Hermit

If you'd like to compose your own visual effects, download the free demo of Onadime Composer. We tried it and were so impressed, we bought it! In fact, we took the snapshots below from Compositions we ourselves created with Onadime Composer.

We've tried and tested all the software from Onadime here at Ahaha, and we are pleased to award Onadime, Inc. and everyone associated with it, the Ahaha Award, for their creative genius and technical excellence.

(For more, see the fine MacAddict review.)

Ahaha Rainbow Duo T
Ahaha Rainbow Quartet