Missing Word Contest
Contest closed 12/15/98.

Have you ever tried to find a word for something,
and you couldn't?
And not because of impending senility,
but because a commonly accepted word
does not exist?
Now is your chance
to discover or invent a missing word!

Prizes: Two $250 U.S. Savings Bonds

Ahaha Classic: "Missing Word Contest"
New Word: "Green$pa$m"

Definition: Precipitous financial market movements
that occur as a result of statements
made by the Federal Reserve Board Chairman.

Highs and Lows

When Alan Greenspan coughs or blinks,
The market rises, the market sinks.
From highest peaks to lowest chasms
These ups and downs I call--GREENSPASMS!

Ellen Jackson, Santa Barbara, CA
Teacher, Award Winning Poet
and Author of Nifty Children's Books
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Elizabeth Lee, Raleigh NC
(New Word) shumidity
(Definition) The damp, unpleasant stench and residue left after one removes one's foot from a shoe.

My dog doesn't love me anymore
And all the neighbors complain.
All my friends have left me
And my love life's down the drain.
So I went to visit a wise old man
To see what he would think.
He said, "Shumidity's your problem, son--
Meaning your feet stink!

Contest Tips
A Few Tips for Finding Missing Words

Tip: Is your word truly missing?
WWWebster Dictionary
WWWebster Thesaurus
Semantic Rhyming Dictionary
Lexical FreeNet
How Does a Word Get into the Dictionary?

Tip: Missing Antonym of Existing Word?

Tip: Foreign words that have no English equivalent?

Is your new word...
easy to remember?
Does it have other associations,
positive or negative,
that will affect its acceptance?

New words need attention to get a start.

The Missing Word Contest
is one more opportunity for you
to discover, invent and promote
your new word.

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