Spending Face

When you feel embarassed, you may want to save Face,
The pain of inadequacy to try to erase.
But why try to save Face when it's already been lost?
Is trying to do so worth all the cost?

Face wasn't meant to be lost or saved,
Either of which will keep you enslaved.
To be free of the shame, you'll need to vent,
That's why Face was meant to be spent.

When feeling embarrassed, you are spending Face.
You are facing and conquering impending disgrace.
For spending Face is like shedding old skin.
There's newer and fresher Face waiting within.

Saving Face, you'll end up with wimples.
Spending Face, you'll develop your dimples.
So when feeling ashamed is imminent,
Remember that Face was meant to be spent.

Costas Hercules, M.D.